Galaxy S9 will confirm the location of the fingerprint sensor and camera type

Samsung Galaxy S9

The new Galaxy S9 (Samsung Galaxy S9), which features a screenshot of its display, identifies the location of the fingerprint sensor and the camera’s type.

The location of the Galaxy S9 fingerprint sensor has become one of the biggest uncertainties surrounding Samsung’s new handset . After transferring the fingerprint sensor to the back of the Galaxy S8 series, many users complained about its location. But the new Galaxy S9, which has been leaked through Chinese sources, ends up rumors.

Koreans appear to have a fingerprint sensor underneath the main camera in a vertical makeup. We’ve seen examples of this design earlier in the images attached to the Galaxy A8. Although the use of the dual camera is ambiguous, but the Galaxy S9 is likely to come with a single camera and a Plus version with dual cameras.

Galaxy S9-fingerprint